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Whitehouse, Ohio, Charlie Partello (720)432-0228, Nicole Ross They are FBF X DDS,WW, Home; Monday, February 13, 2023. The Altex was developed from a cross of the Flemish Giant, Champagne D Argent and Californian. They have a well-proportioned body with a broad head and a short, stocky neck. We breed for show quality rabbits and good tempered pets, and regularly show with several rabbit clubs. She weighs 9lbs 4oz and has been fed a, I have 6 left from this amazing litter. Apple Bunnies 7202338397, Hannah Daugard, John McDaris Brown and white, Black, Blue, Black and white. Mercer, Pennsylvania The coat is so glossy that it appears to be satin, hence the breeds name. Flemish Giant rabbits are also intelligent and can be trained to do basic tricks and perform in shows. Mountain Home, Arkansas English Lop rabbits are a popular breed of domestic rabbit known for their long, floppy ears and calm, friendly personalities. Jonesboro, Arkansas The coat is thick and dense, and requires regular grooming to maintain its soft, shiny texture. One of the most distinctive features of the Rhinelander Rabbit is its color pattern. 2172010136, Chris & Trisha Blair Colchester, Illinois Remember, the best production animals dont usually make the best pets. Eudora, Kansas Breeder listings may include the following: Rabbitry Name Member Name Address Phone E-mail Address Website Address Varieties Raised The Beveren rabbit is a breed of domestic rabbit that originated in Belgium. In the broken. Fearlessly Enchanting Rabbitry Timber Mesa Rabbitry specializes in show quality Mini Rex and Mini Lops. Clarksburg, Massachusetts The Rex rabbits behavior patterns are different from other types of rabbits because they have been domesticated and bred selectively over many years. Roanoke, West Virginia Coineanach, Kati and Alan Bailey Rex. Pages Rex Rabbitry 4135305795, Casey Cotter 4.Rearguard fly defence approx 30 per rabbit. JsRabbits Winchester, Tennessee ShowMe Rabbitry Weight: Up to 10 lbs. Etowah, North Carolina One of the most distinctive features of the Creme dArgent rabbit is its coat color. This way they wont injure themselves on anything like windowsills (which will allow them to escape from their home). Colors This breed has a unique rex gene that gives their coat a soft velvety texture. 217-201-0136, Tina Woolum For those easily offended- they are also wonderful companions and exhibit more intelligence & sensitivity than any other domestic breed of rabbit., Jessica & Danielle Schmitt & Hiltibran Emerald Hill Rabbitry The New Zealand rabbit is a medium to large breed, with males weighing between 8 and 12 pounds and females weighing between 10 and 12 pounds. Ogden, Utah (603)724-8725, Elsbeth Connolly Howells Honey Bunnies They have a round and fluffy appearance, with a short and dense coat that comes in a variety of colors including white, black, blue, chocolate, and more. This breed has been around for over 100 years, and it is prized for its beautiful appearance as well as its calm and friendly personality. Welcome to the family, 'Go!' Not sure what we'll name herplease help us!, Carsyn Cone A Rex doesnt need as much winter insulation since it has more muscle mass than most other rabbit breeds. Perhaps you're familiar with the Rex breed-large, velvet-coated rabbits that have enjoyed popularity since their development in the early part of the 20th century. The Silver Rabbit is a relatively new breed of domestic rabbit that was first developed in the United States in the 1990s. Domestic rabbits can be kept at home and raised while wild rabbits should not be handled. The coat is thick and glossy, with a plush texture that is soft to the touch., Emma Nelson FURtastic Rabbitry The history of the Havana rabbit can be traced back to the 19th century, when it was first developed in the United Kingdom as a cross between the Belgian Hare and the Dutch rabbit. Most breeders agree on what the best fur rabbit breeds are. The most common colors seen among Rex Rabbits are white and brown/gray. New Legacy Homestead Rex rabbits reach 8 - 11 lbs at maturity, also making them suitable purveyors of a meat & pelt source. . The Polish rabbit is a small, elegant breed that is known for its distinctive appearance and affectionate personality. His owner is a college student and doesnt have time. San Bernardino, California We are a small, 90 hole, ARBA registered rabbitry located in the rolling hills of upstate South Carolina. Velveteen Lops are medium to large-sized rabbits, weighing between 6 and 12 pounds when fully grown., Larry and Fallon Olsen Adult harlequin rabbits weigh an average of between 6.5 to 9.5 pounds. [3] The Rex has a slightly broader head than other breeds of rabbit, proportionate upright ears, and proportionally smaller feet. This gives them a very distinctive appearance, and they are often referred to as pear-shaped rabbits., Leanna Myrick North Branch, Minnesota Spacetime Continuum Farm Casco, WI (318)759-9977, Polly Chasse The Rex is a medium-sized rabbit with a commercial, round body and an ideal weight range of 7.5-10.5 pounds., Cindy Page A Mini Rex rabbit will usually have short, thick, and upright ears that are spaced closely together and sit on top of the head. Most are calm and good natured, although that is not always the case, so caution should be used when choosing one of this breed as a child's pet, for if a child will be showing the bunny. Orchard Hill Rex Rabbitry, Ron Smith SPRINGTOWN, Texas New Zealand/ Rex mixed baby rabbits $15 each only females left 8-10 weeks old I have 1 proven female breeder she is full New Zealand she is $25 I also have a few juvenile females that are ready to be bred they are $20 If interested text the number listed in the reply tab above and ask for whatever age you're interested in. Text or call 5 three 0 5 eight 8 3 six 1 five. They are affectionate, playful, and make great companions for those who are willing to devote the time and effort needed to properly care for them. English Angoras are bred for their wool, which is used to make a variety of products, including sweaters, scarves, and blankets. Lucky Rabbit Farms Alexander, North Carolina (803)687-7531, Rachel Musgrove, Karlie Ries Pueblo, Colorado American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), 50 Types of Rabbit Breeds Officially Recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA), 10 Most Expensive Rabbit Breeds (2022 Updated), Castor Rex Rabbit: Breed Info, Size, Lifespan, Temperament, and More, 12 Most Popular Brown Rabbit Breeds (with Videos). They typically weigh between 2.5 and 4 pounds as adults, making them one of the smallest rabbit breeds. The Lionhead rabbit is a relatively easy breed to care for, as they have a short, fine coat that requires minimal grooming. Columbia, Tennessee Discover cool facts, pictures, resources and find information about caring for Mini Are you looking to sell rabbits? The result was the American Fuzzy Lop, which was recognized as a distinct breed by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1988. (Small online handling fee applies.). J & IS Rabbitry The New Zealand rabbit breed is a popular choice among rabbit enthusiasts due to its friendly and docile nature, as well as its versatility as a show rabbit or pet. Live Oak, Florida They have long, erect ears that stand up to 4 inches tall, and their fur is dense, glossy, and short. The breed was first recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in 1888 and has been a popular choice for rabbit owners ever since. The Rex Rabbit comes in a variety of colors, including black, blue, chinchilla, chocolate, lynx, opal, red, and white. Rex Rabbits are well known for their extremely soft fur and meat Production. We specialize in Rex & Mini Rex rabbits, but we also have a small Velveteen Lop, Holland Lop and New Zealand rabbit program. Snuggle Bunnies read more, Seller Name: GERALD KING sr Location: Plant City, FL Rabbit Breed(s): Rex Rabbitry Website: Rabbits Unlimited Have 3 standard Rex Rabbits for sale read more, Seller Name: Tammy Sorenson Location: SE, Idaho Rabbit Breed(s): Standard Rex We have loads of the cutest Rex babies. Waynetown, Indiana However, the breed has no actual connection to the region. North Las Vegas, Nevada Rex Rabbits are one of the most popular types of domestic rabbits. These rabbits are popular pets due to their gentle nature and adaptability to living in small spaces, such as apartments. It is believed to be a cross between a Chinchilla rabbit and a black rabbit, with the goal of creating a rabbit with a unique, shimmering coat. So be sure not to try hugging one without letting them get used to your touch first! Originally developed in the United States, the New Zealand rabbit breed was named after the country of New Zealand due to the breeds distinctive white color, which is similar to the snowy white landscape of New Zealand. Known for their tiny size and adorable appearance, these rabbits have become popular pets around the world. The National Rex Rabbit Club is dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the Rex Rabbit Breed. The body is quite round, while the head is slightly broad compared to other rabbits. Portland, Oregon 3R Rabbitry Shreveport, Louisiana One of the most distinctive features of Mini Satins is their coat. Some French Angoras also have markings on their fur, such as spots or splashes of color. Funny Bunny Farms The most striking feature of the English Angora rabbit is its long, soft wool, which is typically white but can also be found in a variety of colors, including black, blue, chocolate, and red. These are simply a few recommendations that breeders have given me if you fall in love with a different breed (not on the list), feel free to experiment!, Arianna Clark The breed was developed in the early 1900s by a group of rabbit breeders in Florida who were looking to create a rabbit that could thrive in the hot and humid climate of the state. Hill Rise Rabbitry (307)622-3882, Jessie-Lauren Foster Seller Name: Tammy Sorenson Location: SE, Idaho Rabbit Breed(s): Standard Rex We have loads of the cutest Rex babies. Langford rex rabbits 2084102271, Kyersten Kerr As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you prefer to send your Breeder Listing Registration and payment via mail, please send your listing information along with payment to: National Rex Rabbit Club Bristol, Tennessee, Robin Pierson Kent, Washington Thomson Urban Rabbitry 208 317-6399, J.R. Thomas We hope you enjoy your visit to our website and that it will deepen your interest and understanding in what is becoming today's most popular rabbit, the Mini Rex. Safety Notice: NEVER send a payment or deposit online before . We actively show our rabbits in California, Arizona, Nevada and nationally at Convention and Nationals. National Rex Rabbit Club Arlyse DeLoyola, Secy. They have a compact and round body shape, with short, sturdy legs and a short, rounded head. The Satin rabbit is a unique and attractive breed that is known for its glossy, satiny coat. Smyrna, South Carolina This bunny rabbit breeders list is part of our Rabbit Breed Index. One of the most distinctive features of the New Zealand rabbit is its head, which is large and well-rounded with prominent cheekbones. The Checkered Giant rabbit breed is a large and distinctive breed of domestic rabbit that is known for its impressive size and distinct checkered pattern on its fur. (760)614-5913, Alex Jensen River Town Rabbit Ranch This article will walk you through Rex Rabbits breeders, their prices, and the things you should ask and consider before buying a Rex rabbit. Rockin J Rabbitry The coat is generally evenly colored, although some individuals may have a slightly darker or lighter shade. Ledbetter Farm Rabbitry Have comments or questions regarding this rex rabbit classifieds page about rex rabbits for sale? It was created by breeding New Zealand White rabbits with Flemish Giant rabbits, resulting in a rabbit with a larger body size and a soft, fluffy coat. Originally developed in Germany in the early 20th century, the breed became recognized by ARBA in 1983. The guard hairs are longer and coarser, and help to protect the rabbits skin from the elements. Lilac rabbits are medium in size, typically weighing between 5 and 7 pounds. The Champagne dArgent is a large breed that can weigh up to 12 pounds according to the ARBA standard. They are generally easy to handle and make great pets for both children and adults. Chocolate, Lilac, Opal, Otter, White Expired! Magna, Utah, Judy Grant In case youre unsure, Rex Rabbits are a completely different breed from Mini Rex Rabbits. Escanaba, Michigan Marked Tree, Arkansas Bryan, Ohio Originally developed in Florida in the early 20th century, the Florida White is now a popular choice for meat production, show exhibitions, and as a pet. The breed has a compact, well-rounded body with a broad chest and strong legs. These rabbits have a white body with orange and black spots on their heads, ears, and feet. Their coat is short and dense, with a soft, velvety texture that is highly sought after by rabbit breeders and owners. PO Box 1465, Sean Bennett Checkered Giant rabbits are known for their large size, with adult males weighing between 12 and 16 pounds and adult females weighing between 10 and 14 pounds. Double Dual Rabbitry Mason City, Illinois GRANITE CITY, Illinois (818)618-8007, Caroline Malmgren Davis Welcome to the National Rex Rabbit Club or NRRC website. They have a medium length, thick fur that is soft and plush to the touch. (217)871-6140, Dewayne & Angie Jockisch Their ears are medium in length and stand upright, and their eyes are large and expressive. Wee Acre Micro Farm 4. The Rex Rabbit is a medium-sized breed, weighing between 4 and 8 pounds when fully grown. Whether you have only just started keeping Mini Rex or have kept rabbits for as long as you can remember, you will always find a friendly . Suncook Valley Rabbitry River Town Rabbit Ranch Some rabbit breeds are huge when full grown while others can weigh less than five pounds. (970)824-9289, Zaquaria Garcia How To Tell The Difference Between Hares And Rabbits. Twisted Pine Farm Rabbits with otter markings have a dark color over their head and back. Berry Babbits AUSTIN, Texas BonBon Rabbitry Read More Palomino. S&A Rabbitry Epsom, New Hampshire The breed standard calls for a coat color that is a rich, golden chestnut with a white underside, and the color should be even throughout the body. We often have Rex/American mixes available for meat production. In addition to being popular as a pet, the New Zealand rabbit is also a popular show rabbit. A&M Farms Located in North Eastern Arizona, Timber Mesa Rabbitry prides itself on being one of the best rabbit breeders in Arizona. 870-202-8814, Katelynn Waters Stone Mountain , Georgia First shown publicly at the Paris International Rabbit Show in 1924, the Rex breed was recognized internationally as a breed to watch. One of the most notable features of Mini Lops is their floppy ears, which can be up to 7 inches long. (727)431-2936, Alondra Brown If you are choosing to raise rabbits particularly for fur, I highly recommend that you select a breed labeled as having either having wool or angora fur. (209)966-3263, Arianna Castillo recognized breed variety in conjunction with white, or white in. These rabbits have flat backs and a very long and rounded body. The Creme dArgent rabbit is a medium-sized breed, with males weighing around 9 pounds and females weighing around 8 pounds. We feed the best bunny food available with 17% protein. The coat is made up of both guard hairs and down hairs, which gives it its unique texture and appearance. A Rex rabbit is one of nine breeds of domestic rabbits that is recognized by both the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the British Rabbit Council (BRC). The breed standard for Mini Rex specifies that it has a compact, balanced, smooth body. This is why its important for owners to provide them with a secure outdoor enclosure in addition to their indoor pen.

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